Bone density measures the health of bones. DEXA scan is a bone densitometry system that is the most superior technology for measuring bone density and/or osteoporosis. It is a non-surgical and painless examination consisting of a very low dose X-ray.

DEXA scan is also used to assess VFA (vertebral fracture assessment). Identifying and treating patients at risk of fracture, but who have not yet sustained a fracture, will substantially reduce the long-term burden of osteoporosis.

In addition to advanced X-ray technology and DEXA scan expertise, we offer evening hours for your convenience, a group of seasoned technicians, a caring team, onsite radiologists to read your results, and a focus on your comfort from start to finish.

DEXA Scan Prep Instructions

Wear comfortable clothing and try to avoid clothing with metal zippers, buttons or snaps.

Do not take any calcium or calcium supplements within 24 hours of your exam.

Please bring your insurance card and your order IF you were given one by your doctor.

You will want to arrive 15 minutes prior to your exam to register. The exam will take approximately 20 minutes.

If you have had any prior images taken on the area of interest, please either bring them with you or let a staff member know so we can obtain the images and reports for comparison.