ACR PET/CT Accredited


PET/CT is the most advanced medical imaging technique available today, combining Positron Emission Tomography with Computed Tomography. PET/CT combines the fine structural detail of CT with PET’s ability to detect changes in cell function to help reveal how your tissues and organs are functioning.

This combination allows for earlier and more accurate detection of disease than either CT or PET alone, and can sometimes detect disease before it shows up on other imaging tests.

Priority Radiology has long been the first choice in Southern Indiana for PET/CT Scans. Our Siemens Biograph Horizon PET/CT Scan unit provides more precise information and accuracy while offering you a simpler, quicker, more positive experience.

Our commitment to your care and convenience also includes evening and Saturday hours, a group of seasoned technicians, a caring team, onsite radiologists to read your results, and a focus on your comfort from start to finish.

PET/CT Prep Instructions

If you are a diabetic, please do not eat or drink anything (except water) beginning 4 hours before your exam.

If you are NOT a diabetic, please do not eat or drink anything (except water) 6 hours before your exam.

Your exam will require us to start an IV. Drinking an enormous amount of WATER will open your vein walls to give the tech a better target, potentially reducing the number of needle sticks.

Please limit the amount of caffeine and sugar on the day of your exam.

Medications can be taken as normal with water only.

Bring your insurance card and your order IF you were given one by your doctor.

Please bring a list of your current medications with you.

Wear comfortable clothing without metal if possible.

Your exam will take approximately 2 hours. You will need to arrive 1½ hours prior to your appointment time. Your injection will take place 1 hour prior to your appointment time.

If you have had any prior images taken on the area of interest, please let a staff member know so we can obtain the images and reports for comparison